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Helping you meet ever-increasing demands

The business counts on you to mitigate brand risk and protect the organization. Meanwhile, you’re under constant pressure to clear brands quickly to facilitate rapid product or service launches while also managing the day-to-day responsibilities of the in-house counsel. To meet these demands, you need actionable trademark information that is rock-solid reliable. And you need it yesterday.

CompuMark can help. As your trademark research partner, we provide the trusted expertise and reliable information you need to advise your colleagues with speed and confidence. And we provide the most comprehensive array of time-saving tools, powered by industry-leading technology, to help you work faster and more effectively. So you spend more time helping grow the business and less time sifting through data.

Accelerate your trademark decisions

CompuMark helps you keep up with the accelerating pace of business with solutions that let you access critical information faster than ever before. Our screening and search solutions deliver the insight you need in just seconds. So you can meet tight brand launch schedules.

Advise colleagues with confidence

Did you know that, on average, 7% of USPTO records and 4% of EUIPO records have errors? Our Quality Team reviews incoming trademark data, correcting errors to ensure accuracy and adding cross-references to minimize the risk of missing an important finding. So you can form opinions with confidence.

Experts serving experts

We complement your legal expertise with a level of trademark knowledge and experience that is unmatched in our industry. Our Analysts have 17+ years’ experience, on average. Their ability to craft search and watch strategies—and their hands-on review of the results—helps ensure
you receive the most relevant information while minimizing irrelevant noise.

Work faster and more efficiently

Save time and work more productively with powerful, easy-to-use tools that streamline and simplify routine tasks and let you create customized reports in seconds. Free up more time for high-value activities that support business growth.

Beyond trademarks

CompuMark is your source for the full range of IP-related research. We offer solutions that help you perform competitive business intelligence on a global scale, research copyrights and entertainment works, and help you manage and protect your entire brand portfolio, including design assets.

Round-the-clock support

We understand that business often extends beyond “normal” business hours. When you need trademark research assistance, knowledgeable CompuMark Support professionals are here to serve you, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Resources for In-House Counsel

2019 Trademark Ecosystem

How is the trademark landscape reshaping itself? In a new survey, 81% of brands experienced infringement in 2018—and 22% experienced between 11 and 20 cases of infringement. That’s just one of the surprising findings from our 2019 Trademark Ecosystem Report.

Strategies for clearing and protecting seasonal and service line brands

Just because they aren’t primary brands doesn’t mean secondary brands aren’t worth securing and defending. Whether they are seasonal brands with a limited lifespan or brands for product or service lines, secondary brands represent real value to their owners.

The cost of free

With mounting pressures on brand and trademark professionals to stretch their budgets, there is increasing temptation to seek quick and cheaper methods to clear marks with free tools. Discover the potential “real cost” of using these free alternatives.

How your trademark translates may define your global brand success

Unique and authentic. Relevant but differentiating. Engaging. But does it work across borders? There are countless examples of unintentionally offensive, curious and strange brand translations. Read on to see how to avoid these blunders.

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