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With millions of healthcare brands in use around the world, selecting, clearing, registering, and protecting pharmaceutical marks is a complex endeavor. Heightened standards, regulatory compliance and dual approval timeline coordination make the trademark process even more challenging. To be successful, pharmaceutical brand owners need specialized tools and solutions that they can trust.

CompuMark can help. As your trademark research partner, we provide the trusted expertise and reliable information you need to advise your colleagues with speed and confidence. And we provide the most comprehensive array of time-saving tools, powered by industry-leadingtechnology, to help you work faster and more effectively. So you spend more time helping grow the business and less time sifting through data.

Specialized knowledge

Our dedicated Pharmaceutical Research Team understands the unique dynamics of the global pharma industry. Our seasoned analysts have the training and expertise to evaluate confusingly similar marks and drug names under the industry’s expanded criteria, delivering accuracy that free or low-cost services can’t match.

FDA-compliant POCA

Phonetic and Orthographic Computer Analysis (POCA) helps identify potentially problematic names early in the clearance process by assessing the similarity of the mark in writing and speech, reducing the risk of rejection. We cover all available data sources searched by the FDA using the same algorithms and similarity threshold.

Comprehensive sources

Why risk missing a mark? In addition to trademark data, our most comprehensive search focuses on pharmaceutical industry specific common law and web sources, for more relevant results. We include RxNorm and Drugs@FDA as recommended by the FDA, as well as five additional sources unique to CompuMark.

Full-Search results sooner

We understand the challenge of juggling timelines for pharmaceutical marks. That’s why we deliver U.S. and Canada Full Search results for word marks in just 2 business days, at no additional cost.

Resources for Pharmaceutical Trademark Practitioners

What’s new from CompuMark for pharmaceutical companies

Over the past 12 months, we’ve introduced key content and product functionality developments to support pharmaceutical brand managers and trademark attorneys.

Getting the most out of Watch on SERION

In this case study, Bruce Longbottom, Senior Trademark Counsel for Eli Lilly and Company, explains why the innovative integration of POCA scoring in Watch on SERION offers a powerful, new tool for accelerating the process of assessing potential trademark infringements.

2019 Trademark Ecosystem

How is the trademark landscape reshaping itself? In a new survey, 81% of brands experienced infringement in 2018—and 22% experienced between 11 and 20 cases of infringement. That’s just one of the surprising findings from our 2019 Trademark Ecosystem Report.

How your trademark translates may define your global brand success

Unique and authentic. Relevant but differentiating. Engaging. But does it work across borders? There are countless examples of unintentionally offensive, curious and strange brand translations. Read on to see how to avoid these blunders.

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